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David McMillan

Melissa Garner

Kate Hillis

Kevin Boudreau

Jordan Fox

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Luann Edwards

Dani Mackey

Danny Disipio

Sasha Nialla

Creative Director | 25 years experience with big brands at big agencies | Former ECD for NBC News/MSNBC | Multi award-winning writer

Managing Director | 20 years experience across platforms | Has worked at big agencies and quirky boutiques | Driven, savvy and wears mulitple hats

Executive Producer | Owns award-winning production company, Leroy & Clarkson | Certified Woman-Owned Business | Background in docu films

Graphic Animator | Owns animation & sound company called Signal Rock | Produces ground-breaking original content for TV, digital and social media

Digital, Social, Influencer marketing | Owns company called MMP Digital | Expert in data science and UX | Former head digital strategist for Alicia Keys

Digital B2B marketing strategist | Certified Woman-Owned business called Socially Professional | Expert is social media and content marketing

Public Relations expert in D.C. | Dani Mackey Communications | Certified

Woman-Owned business | Works with many Associations and non-profits

Graphic Designer | Impressive client roster including: Banana Republic, Elite Model Management, Kate Spade, Steve Madden | Brings a sophisticated eye 

Photographer | SashaNialla.com |  Passionate about causes | Collaborative, efficient | Known for capturing intimate expressions with her subjects