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What do

you mean

 you're a "collective?"

 We mean exactly that. We're an autonomous bunch united for one another's success. After all, there’s power in numbers, and there’s even more power in our collective ideas. Though we’re all independently a part of today's pervasive Gig Economy, we’re also now a part of a curated group with a focus on our success as well as the clients who turn to us. Each member brings a unique expertise to the group along with decades of experience in that discipline. We share marketing costs to run our outfit as well as the responsibility to nurture the collective for the growth of every member. We meet regularly, discuss potential clients, collaborate to help current ones and bring out the best ideas in one another. If it were a real brick-and-mortar place it might just be a helluva place to work. Then again, politics would creep in and probably find a way to screw it all up.